Royal Photographic Society Associate Award

It was with some trepidation that I attended the Royal Photographic Society Associateship Assessment Day on 13 October 2010 at the Society’s headquarters in Bath, England.  I had entered the required panel of 15 images in the Visual Art category.  My panel comprised images from a series I have been working on over the past couple of months – English Cathedrals.  After a very interesting look at some awesome presentations by other photographers, of which slightly less than half were awarded the distinction of Associateship, I am pleased to say that my panel was successful and I am now an Associate Member of the Society.

Statement of Intent

The cathedrals of England hold a tension, an irony, being at once places of devotion and contemplation as well as representing wealth and power from a past era.  The tension runs right through most elements – a warmth and a coldness, the familiar with the alien, minute detail overshadowed by vast lines and cavernous spaces.  My purpose in these images is to explore these tensions.  The images represent a small selection from a project to photograph all 43 Anglican cathedrals in England, seeking not to create an architectural record but to capture unique perspectives to be reflected upon over time and which are not initially obvious.  All the images have been taken in available light and generally without the presence of people, concentrating on the creation of art out of art – creativity out of the creativity of past eras.

Visit the Season Images collection of English Cathedral images


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  1. Molly Kain Mar 7th 2011

    Hi Boet,

    Well done, that must feel really great, are you still counted as an amateur photographer now or a professional. I just think you are so good, so proud of you.
    Love you lots